Tourism agency "Kogumyaka-tour" offers:

  • organization of group tours;                
  • organization of individual tours;    
  • organization of pilgrim tours;       
  • organization of health tours;            
  • organization of business tours;                    
  • organization of business meetings;           
  • search for family relationship;                   
  • extreme tourism;                      
  • tours to Chornobyl.                    

You wish a special, fantastic and unforgettable vacation? We are ready to discover Ukraine for you! Ukraine has many tourism attractions — architectural monuments, ancient castles and fortresses, marvelous museums, beautiful Crapathians and Crimean Mountains, and Black Sea. Tourism agency Kogumyaka-tour provides all services for tourist travel to Ukraine: accomodation in comfortable hotels, transport, guides, a variety of tours to suit your needs and preferences. We also help to find relatives in Ukraine.

Why does Ukraine attract millions of tourists? Ukraine has excellent geographical conditions, scenic nature and marvelous ethnic originality. More than 150 thousand monuments of culture, history, archaeology reflect remarkable and glorious history of the Ukrainian people. A number of festivals and artistic events allow travelers to learn Ukrainian customs, traditions and culture of the people. Discover Ukraine with the tourism agency  "Kogumyaka-tour"!