Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains are often called the Green Pearl of Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains are located in Western Ukraine and take over 4% of the territory of the country. Mountains are situated on the territory of four Ukrainian regions: region of Zakarpattya, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and a part of Chernivtsi region. The highest top of the Carpathians is Goverla (2061m). The rivers Dnister and Prut start to flow from the Carpathian Mountains.

Many Ukrainian popular resorts and tourist centers are situated here. Carpathians have lots of attractions for tourists: beautiful natural areas, forests, alpine meadows, rough rivers and mountain lakes, curative mineral sources, shepherds and people living in harmony with nature. You can also find in Carpathian Mountains historical and architectural monuments.

The region is rich in culture, activity and history. It is ideal place for summer holidays walking, riding, mountain climbing, exploring. Thousands of tourists and people who like travels and adventures come to this region. Carpathian Mountains are very beautiful in every season of the year. In winter tourists come here for skiing and snowboarding.  In summer people come for tourism and hiking.

The nature of Carpathians is extremely picturesque. The traveler sees here wonderful picturesque views. Beautiful green mountains are covered with carpets of colorful flowers. In winter mountains are covered with the snow which glitters at the sunshine. In spring tourists can visit the narcissus valley. Ukrainian Carpathians are also well known as the great recreational area. The air in mountains is very clear and the climate conditions are good for lungs and heart. A lot of thermal and mineral wells are also situated here.

The largest resorts are located in Slavsko, Bukovel, Tysovets, Dragobrat and Yaremche. These resorts have well developed infrastructure: comfortable hotels, private apartments, numerous restaurants and cafes. You can easily book a room in a hotel or rent private apartments which are much cheaper. Each time you come here, you’re amazed with the combination of picturesque landscapes, fairy-tale and mystery.