Ukrainian Castles

Ukrainian Castles astonish with their beauty. Ukraine is a place of culture, history and natural beauty. For centuries the people who lived here worked to create masterful homes and residences that complimented the beauty around them and reflected the culture of Ukraine. As a result there are many beautiful castles and palaces in Ukraine today.

Generally the castles in Ukraine have a more robust appearance, because their primary purpose was the defense. They are usually situated on a hill. Over time, however, more elaborate and decorative additions have been made to some of these castles and this has given them nowadays a magnificent tourist attraction. Many castles have been turned into museums that now give the opportunity to travel through ages during a sightseeing tour.

The palaces in Ukraine were mainly royal residences which provided good protection for the monarchy as well as comfort and luxury. Architectural embellishments may be expensive and it isn’t uncommon to find gold-plated arches, gold-tinted artwork and solid gold furniture and utensils decorated with jewels in these dwellings. These expensive adornments also tend to reflect the masterful craftsmanship that was popular during those periods of Ukraine’s history. They also show us the way that these nobles lived centuries ago.

There are a number of palaces and castles in Ukraine which are worth seeing. The Livadia Palace and Mariyinsky Palace are popular. Those who prefer castles can discover the Olesko Castle, the Zolochiv Castle, the Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle, the Kodak Fortress and the Lviv High Castle. Of course there are many more castles and palaces in the beautiful country of Ukraine which haven’t been mentioned here.