Ukrainian capital, the city of Kyiv has connection with most major European cities and America. Most international flight arrives to Kiev International airport Boryspil which located 38 km from Kyiv.

If you take a direct flight, this saves time and prevents fatigue. A travel by bus is cheaper, but it takes more time. There are few companies offering regular buses from West Europe to Ukraine, in particular to large cities such as Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa. Prices are very accessible, but buses go only once or twice a week.

Once in Ukraine, you may choose from several options for traveling: trains, buses and airplanes. If you want to go faster, you should take an inland flight (about an hour flight from one airport to another). They allow you to get from Kyiv to Lviv or to Odessa in one hour.

The cheapest way to travel is undoubtedly the train. In Ukraine there is a very good and cheap railway network. But long time travels would be an inconvenience. The rail network in Ukraine has huge detours and frequent stations. There are only few express trains.

For short distances we recommend buses. They are not expensive and you don’t need to reserve seats. Car rental is also possible, gasoline costs less than in EU countries, but the roads are not always perfect.

Ukrainian cities have extensive public transport system operating from 6-00 to 01-00. Buses, trams and trolleys are popular and inexpensive way to travel within the cities. There are numerous taxi services. You can order a taxi via phone. A taxi can be also hired right on the street. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, also has three subway lines.