Kolomyia is located in the southwestern part of Ukraine and the southeastern part of Ivano-Frankivsk Region. It streches on the left bank of Prut River (left tributary of Danube River) in the Precarpathians. Kolomyia was once the site of an ancient fortified Slavic settlement on the Prut River. The first written records of Kolomyia date back to 1241.

Kolomyia is part of a historical region Pokuttya, with an estimated population of over 68,000 people. In this Ukrainian city you can observe the traditional Hutsul culture presented by the many colorful and intricate craft works. For centuries this cultural group has occupied the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.

Historical traditions of living and creating crafts are collected in Kolomyia’s museum of Hutsul folk art. The museum has many collections: woodcuts, works from metal and leather, ceramics, Easter eggs, glass drawing, embroidery, carpets, clothes and shows evolution of folk art from the end of XVIII century to the present time.