Uzhgorod is the administrative center of Zakarpattya – the region with small towns and villages scattered in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains with waterfalls, beautiful lakes and rivers. Here tourists enjoy local home-made Ukrainian and Hungarian food, taste domestic wine from private vineyards, meet friendly local people and be welcomed anywhere you go.

Uzhgorod is the most western and the smallest administrative center in Ukraine with the 1110 years history. Uzhgorod is the antique European city with numerous historic-architectural monuments of the European significance. You can visit Uzhgorod Botanical Garden, Medieval Castles-Museums in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and Nevitske and open air Folk Life museum in Uzhgorod.

One of the main things of pride in Uzhgorod – The Castle of Uzhgorod (10-16 centuries). From the observation ground of the castle one can enjoy the city and the Carpathian Mountains. Near the Castle of Uzhgorod there is situated the open air Museum of the folk architecture. Here are represented the patterns of the folk architecture from different places of Zakarpattya, among which the best is the wooden St. Michael Church (1777).

From the right bank of the river Uzh tourists can admire the longest linden alley in Europe, which stretches 2,2 km along the Uzh. Due to the big number of parks Uzhgorod looks like a huge Botanic garden. Uzhgorod is especially beautiful when the cherry trees, brought from the Vienna, are in blossom. The Botanic Garden of Uzhgorod astonishes with its beauty – one of the best gardens in Ukraine, created in 1946 and placing 3 800 kinds of plants on the square of 4,5 ha. The oldest park of Uzhgorod – Pidzamkovyy – was founded in the beginning of the 17 century for the purpose of breeding the wild animals for the royal hunting.