Olesko Castle

The Olesko Castle amazes by its fantastic beauty. This is a unique monument of architecture and history of 13-18 centuries. The first historical records of the castle dates back to 1390. The Olesko Castle is located about 75 kilometers from Lviv, the main city in western Ukraine. Its walls are well seen from the road Kyiv-Lviv

The castle was restored in the Italian Renaissance style in the 16-17 centuries. At that time paintings and mosaics were brought in to decorate the rooms of the castle. The Olesko Castle is a former castle of Polish kings. Two Polish kings Jan III Sobieski and Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki were born in this amazing castle.

In 1838 the castle was hit and partly destroyed by an earthquake. In 1892 the Olesko castle was restored. But World wars affected negatively the masterpiece of architecture. New restorations were made in 1961-1985.

Nowadays the Olesko castle displays the collections of antique art and furnishings from 16-17 centuries, sculptures, paintings, weapons and objects used in everyday life from different epochs. The Olesko castle is also a part of the "Golden Horseshoe", a ring of three castles the Olesko, the Zolochiv and the Pidhirtsi Castles. The Olesko castle attracts tourists by beautiful medieval architecture as well as by fantastic art collections.