Zolochiv Castle

The Zolochiv Castle is a masterpiece of defensive architecture. The town of Zolochiv is situated 60 km east from Lviv. The Zolochiv Castle was built in the first third of the 17th century as a defensive fortress. Over the centuries the castle served as a fortress, royal residence, prison and educational institution. 

The history of the Zolochiv Castle is very interesting and rich in historical and romantic adventures. Nowadays the Zolochiv Castle is a museum and the department of the Lviv Art Gallery.  The new castle at the place of old wooden castle was built in Zolochiv in 17th century. It was designed by Italian architect. Its original purpose was a defensive fortress.

In the castle’s courtyard there are two palaces. The biggest of them is called the Grand Palace. The Chinese Palace is situated opposite the tower. The Chinese Palace of the Zolochiv Castle is a unique monument of architecture. There are only three Chinese Palaces in Europe and one of them tourists may admire in Zolochiv. The Chinese palace was renewed in 2004 and opened for tourists.

 The Zolochiv Castle is also a part of the "Golden Horseshoe", a ring of three castles in Olesko, Zolochiv and Pidhirtsi. It is a very popular tourist route. This trip includes visits to three medieval castles, each of which is similar to the previous one. 

Every year thousands of tourists from different countries travel this route. The Zolochiv Castle attracts tourists by the beauty of its medieval architecture and by its art treasures. Certainly, the Zolochiv Castle is an architectural jewel and the pride of the Western Ukraine